Pure Flix is a video service, similar to Netflix.

The titles available are movies and programs that are faith-based

with wholesome values, and Christian themes and messages.

Titles promoted on Pure Flix include "God's Not Dead", and the

"Left Behind" series.

Mt. Olivet has entered into a relationship with Pure Flix.

Enjoy our Faith and Family streaming video service with more than

3,000 titles absolutely FREE for one month.

Subscription plan must be selected and payment information entered

for the FREE MONTH to begin.

Your credit card will not be billed until FREE MONTH is over.

Cancel anytime if you do not want your subscription to start after

FREE MONTH or billing to recur.

Watch on your favorite devices!

    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Android (Google Play)
    • Apple (iOS)
    • Chromecast
    • Computer
    • Roku

Thank you for your support.   Click on the link below to start your free trial.

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