Darren Edgington has generational ties to southern Ohio, hailing from our first capital city, Chillicothe.  The emerald rolling hills of that region are stamped into his earliest memories, as they are indelibly stamped onto the backdrop our our state's seal.

Darren met his wife, Crystal, at the age of 25 when he was attending Word of Life Bible Institute.  She was the Assistant Administrator in the financial aid office.  Ironically, God had something greater than financial aid in mind the day Darren meandered into her office.  He was quickly smitten by Crystal's sharp wit, quirky sense of humor, and beaming smile.  He still hasn't recovered!

Despite Crystal's thorough knowledge of Darren's financial deficit, and for reasons he still cannot grasp, she responded to his wooing and they were married as soon as they could get their families to set a date to converge at the church (in 1988).  The Edgingtons will celebrate their anniversary in June.

As a teen, Darren labored washing dishes.  In his early twenties, while attending college, he worked weekends (on the night shift) bussing tables at Bob Evans.  After obtaining a degree from Hocking College, he joyously left dirty dishes behind and became a practitioner in the field of dietetics.  (Crystal thinks he is still "joyous" when he leaves dirty dishes behind).

As Darren's pastoral call become more clear, he worked in dietetics in a hospital setting while pursuing further education, eventually graduating from Liberty University with a Bachelor's degreee in Church Ministries.  He began performing pastoral ministry in Orlando while attending seminary and working on the campus as the bookstore manager.

After "cramming" a three-year degree into four years, Darren limped over the finish line, tossed his cap into the air, and finally completed a Master of Divinity degree at Reformed Theological Seminary.  Darren and Crystal have two married children who live in the regoion:  Caleb Samuel in Batavia and Glorious Joy in Chillicothe.  In this new season, the Edgingtons are now, also, deemed "Mamaw and Papaw" by two granddaughters:  Luna and Lucy.  In addition, they have two furry couch companions:  a pomchi dog (that hasn't met a lap she doesn't love) and a Bengal cat (who is clearly more intelligent than the dog and can even fetch a stick).

Over the years, Darren has pastored in three conservative Presbyterian denominations.  He loves Reformed Theology and preaching God's Holy Word.  His ministry has now spanned over 25 years.  Darren was privileged to become a formal contributor for numerous study notes for the Discover God Study Bible (a scholarly project what was finalized and published in 2007 by Tyndale House in cooperation with the ministry of Campus Crusade).

Darren is an avid reader and has sagging bookshelves that exhibit the weightiness of this ongoing affection.  Like his own father, Darren is enamored with the outdoors.  He finds it exhilarating to behold the unique beauty that is evident in every crevice of God's wonderful creation.  He is a zealous hunter, especially when delicious morel mushrooms are popping through the wet leaves in late spring, or in the crisp fall when the trees are bare, the corn has been picked and the wily whitetails are getting feisty.  Darren is also a football fan, rooting for the Buckeyes and the Bengals, and he loves the pure physicality of rugby (even though he doesn't understand any of the rules).