Here is a list of pastors and other church leaders who have served Mt. Olivet (United) Presbyterian Church, since our inception in 1902.  We thank all of them over the years for their commitment to God and for their service at Mt. Olivet and in the surrounding community.


Rev. S. P. Barachman            1903-1908

Rev. W. A. Condon                1910-1916

Rev. E. M. Duffy                    1917-1918

Rev. A. J. McConnell            1919-1920

Rev. E. H. Thompson            1921-1928

Rev. J. I. Phillips                    1928-1929

Rev. Cuyler Ferguson            1930-1932

Rev. Robert McCurrie            1933-1935

Rev. Howard Brittain            1935-1939

Rev. James P. Sturgeon        1939-1950

Rev. Kenneth Campbell        1951-1954

Rev. Richard Rodda                1959-1964

Rev. Leon DeForest                1964-1969

Rev. Robert Lodwick            1970-1980

Rev. Daniel Graham            1981-1998

Rev. Charles Testas                2002-2011

Rev. Jerry Pitman                2014 - 2018


The following are Lay Ministers, Interim Pastors, and Supply Pastors who have served Mt. Olivet over the years:


Lay Minister Hughes Williamson            1954-1958

Interim Pastor Rev. Fremont Chapman    1980-1981

Supply Pastor Rev. Larry DeLozier        1999-2000

Interim Pastor Rev. John T. Cheetham    2000-2001

Temporary Supply Pastor Rev. Kenneth V. Kettlewell


Supply and Interim Pastor Rev. William Philips        

                                                                        2001 - 2002 (Supply)

                                                                        2011-2013 (Interim)