Mt. Olivet has several friends and members who are homebound and need assistance.   Our friends would certainly appreciate a visit, a phone call, or an offer to pick up groceries or other items.  Please check with the church office for contact information for these individuals:


Roberta Alexander

Christina (Chris) Adkins

Zaina Flickinger

Betty McGuire

Ellie Webster

Prayer pushes us through life's slumps, propels us over the humps, and pulls us out of the dumps.


- Max Lucado, Max on Life


The family of Paul Durham (passed away on November 28th), including wife Lisa and parents Denver and Deloris

Frank Stansbury (dad of Angie Hamey, broken hip)

Paul S. (cancer, given one year to live)

Jacqueline S. (newlywed husband has passed, also expecting a baby)

The Allen Family (2-year old recently passed away from cancer and teen brother recovering from being hit by 2 cars)

The family of former President George H. W. Bush

All of our homebound members

Mt. Olivet Presbyterian Church, the Midwest Presbytery, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)

Our Pastor Search Committee

The Christian Education and Youth programs

here at Mt. Olivet

Those traveling for vacations, business, or pleasure

The safety and the sanity of the world in these anxious times

The protection of all school children and school personnel

Our neighbors, community, country, and leaders

Keep all of these individuals and their families in your

thoughts and prayers.

Pray for all places, both in the states and around the world, 

where freedom and safety are being tested, and evil is showing

its face.


Let's pray for all of our members and friends and relatives 

(named and unnamed here) who are spiritually, emotionally, 

or physically ill.



All military personnel who are protecting us, both here in

the United States and our interests around the world.  

Make God lay a hedge of protection around each and every 

one of our military men and women.

Among the military personnel we are keeping in our thoughts:


Nathan Buis

Master Sgt Timothy Sarvis


SSG Shawn Sewell 


Michael Tilton

Thomas Schroeder


Jeff Schroeder

Technical Sgt.  Tara Bingham

Michael Thompson

Eric Davis

SSG Ben Proeschel 

Kevin Hogan



Keep all of these friends and loved ones in your daily prayers.

Please contact the church if you know of anyone who 

needs to be added to this Prayer List.


PRAYER REQUESTS:  When you enter Mt. Olivet, the 

podium in the entryway no only provides a sign-in book

for visitors and newcomers, but also has cards to fill out 

for your prayer requests.  Please feel free to fill out a card, 

fold it over, and give it to an usher to present to Pastor 

Jerry before the Worship Service.  The Power of Prayer 

is Truly Undeniable.  AMEN.

If you have a prayer request that needs to be lifted up for our Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings, please drop your request in the PRAYER BOX in the Narthex.  We will be sure to pray for your request and pray on your request.


Mt. Olivet is known as a praying church, and we 

earnestly pray for your concerns. 


We are all witnesses to the power of prayer.  We all need 

to pray.  We all need prayer.  It deepens our relationship

with God the Father.  When a prayer request is sent out 

via email or appears in the bulletin (or here on the website)

it is because permission has been granted.  This protects 

the privacy for those who do not want that.  Generally, 

requests are listed for two (2) weeks, unless longer is 

requested or needed.