We observe "open communion".  One need not be a member of Mt. Olivet to observe the Lord's Supper with us.  You will be served at your seat.  Elders will bring bread and unfermented grape juice to you.  Symbolizing the unity we have in Christ, we will eat the bread together and drink the cup together.  Children may share in communion when they understand the significance and meaning of the Sacrament.

Mt. Olivet Presbyterian Church Staff:

Office Manager:  Donna Willis

Music/Choir Director and Pianist:  Jon Sanford

Custodian:  Randy Smith

Youth Leader:  Arielle Applegate



Clerk of Session:  Mike Lynskey



Mike Adams

Steve Applegate

Al Irwin

Sandy Kash

Mike Lynskey

Bonnie Nicely



Pat Bell

Casey Combs

Leslie Moore

Patty Ratliff

Wanda Stamper



Other Personnel:


Nursery Supervisor and Children's Church Leader:  

Linda Abner




Mike Adams (First Sunday)

Al Irwin (Second Sunday)

Mike Lynskey (Third Sunday)

Wanda Stamper (Fourth Sunday)

Mike Lynskey (Fifth Sunday, when needed)

Sound Techs:

Jeff Hamey and Evan Hamey

Power Point Operator:

Tim Adams or Evan Hamey